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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Real Time Collaboration across a Distributed Team

Twiddla has come along quite a ways in the last few months. That is to say, Twiddla has come along nicely in the last few weeks, after having languished for 3 months while we concentrated on other development.

But now, the project that we originally needed Twiddla for is safely launched, and we have some room to breathe. We also have some interested parties that would like to see us get a product out the door.

Twiddla has a bunch of new whiteboarding features that will make it easier to get your point across in a web meeting. It has support for voice communications now, and a much cleaner user interface. There's a pretty new design on the way for the application itself, and hopefully we'll replace our train-wreck of a homepage shortly too.

In short, we're back at it again. We hope you stick around to see where we go from here!