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Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun with TwiddleBot!

One of the reasons I dig working on Twiddla is that people keep finding strange and different ways of using it. I mean yeah, most people fall into one of the 3 popular use cases (education, business, and screwing off), but every once in a while we'll stumble across a little group of people using it for something truly wacky.

Like D&D.

Early on, we noticed a thriving little subculture using Twiddla to play role-playing games online. I guess it makes sense when you think about it. We let you scribble over anything you upload, move stuff around, chat, and talk to people online. That's everything you need for a night of gaming. Cool!

Being geeks that we are, it's never enough just to watch folks finding cool things to do with Twiddla. We're happy to blow off some paying work to convert these random kids into true fans. So now if you look carefully, you'll see some Gaming functionality that snuck in while nobody was looking. Observe:

That's right. I just rolled some dice inside of Twiddla.

One of the cool things about writing software is that you can make it do whatever you want. So now, TwiddleBot (whose usual job is cleaning out the sandboxes from time to time) will do things for you if you ask nicely. Throwing dice is just one of them. If you're bored, maybe you can figure out some of the other stuff he can do. If you're feeling helpful, maybe you'll have suggestions for new things he can do. Possibly even things that are helpful, rather than distracting like this one!