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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Twiddla Demo at NYC Tech Meetup

Hey, No Joke! Benjamin Satterfield presents April 1, 2008 at the NYC Tech Meetup in the new IAC building in Manhattan with fellow speakers:
  1. Steve Rosenbaum: http://magnify.net
  2. Oliver Hurst-Hiller: http://DonorsChoose.org
  3. John Pavley: http://exchange.conte
  4. Mark Ghuneim: http://www.trendrr.com
  5. Ben Kaufman: http://kluster.com
  6. Ben Satterfield: http://twiddla.com
  7. Justin Ouellette: http://muxtape.com
  8. Nate Westheimer: http://bricabox.com
At the end of the demo, the wifi went down. See, we truly are a disruptive technology! Great to show off the demo with an Apple too, considering they just turned 32 today. Thanks to Nate & Christian for the video and help. And Justin for his patience and great demo as well.