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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twiddla vs. The Snow

If you're in the US (or sunny Ecuador like me at the moment), you might not have noticed that England is buried under a dozen feet of snow right now. Everything is closed. Roofs are collapsing. It's pretty much exactly like the plot of The Day After Tomorrow.

Worst of all though, schools are closed and the poor kids have nothing to do but build boring old snowmen and sled down hills.

Except for the kids in this guy's class. They get to play with Twiddla all day. Here's a replay of the lesson.

People have been using Twiddla in the classroom for a long time now. We even give out Free Educational Accounts to anybody who asks for one. We're all about helping the kids of today, on the theory that they'll be wearing suits at some point in the future and needing a kick-ass web conferencing tool like ours.

So yeah, we're glad to help out. If you have a snowbound class of your own someplace in the UK, be sure to let us know and we'll hook you up with the tools you need to keep your classes going.